Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Opening at the Gage/Jerry Pritikin's "SAN FRANCISCO IN THE 1970s"

If Waldo wore an Interseller Propeller Beany Cap, he would stand OUT in any crowd. I have been wearing mine since 1981.
I am sure my propeller has turned over a million or more spins since then. In the close up from the back of my head... That is Lee Balterman,the former TIME-LIFE photographer, his show at Daiter's Openens on the 11th, next Friday. In the background is Videogapher Edgar Lenze, and the bearded guy owns a "Rick Shaw" service around the "Friendly Confines".He used to make my friend Carmella Hartigan feel like a Queen, as she blew kisses and waved her hand at the pre game crowd... about the turn of the last century.These images are from Bullet Bob...

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