Saturday, August 28, 2010

HEY YOGI... IT's OVER! Bubbies falls13-12 in CMSA's Senior Softball Play-offs.

Under blue sunny skies, the final game of the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association's Senior League ended... with the Real Daddy's winning the 2nd and final game and the Championship in the first year of Senior League Softball. For my team, Bubbies our record fell to 3-4, and 3 of our loses were by one run. For us, it's the familiar chant of Cubs fans usually about this time of year...WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR! I will be back in 2011, so I can make my Last of my last hurrah's on a Championship team. I do get some kind of bragging rights, going 9 for 19, no errors or strikeouts, but also marking the first time in league play that I was tossed out by the Right Fielder, at 1st base in 35 years. I want to thank those fans for rooting for us, and our team sponsor... Bubbies Kosher Pickles of San Francisco.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It was on this tv, a few years later seeing Bobby Thompson's "Shot Heard Around the World"

Watching that Play-off game was like looking at a newsreel in the making totally b&w/ commercials,too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Bobby Thomson Dies at 86; Hit Epic Home RunBack to Article »

Thomson’s 1951 “shot heard round the world” endures as perhaps the most dramatic play in baseball history.

Where does Bobby Thomson's home run rank among the most memorable moments in baseball history?

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jerry pritikin
August 17th, 2010
6:33 pm
We lived in Chicago, and I stayed home from school, and my dad did not go to work that day. We had a 10 inch b & w RCA Victor TV, that we had since 1947. A few neighbors stopped in, and my mom kept bringing in refreshments. It was very dramatic... however, this was before video tape, and there was no instant replay after Thompson hit his homer. On TV, the announcer did not go crazy... like the radio announcer counterpart, Russ Hodges did. However, when ever the newsreel of the homer was shown later, they always incorporated Hodges' verbiage. Keep in mind, just a few years later, both the N.Y. Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers moved to California , and I am still waiting for the Cubs to get into the World Series!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Aug 13, Friday 2010... The end Time.

I managed to get to the Gage Gallery, shortly after 1 PM, and met with a few people who were visiting the exhibit for their 5th times, and a few who realized today was the final time it was to be seen at the Gage Gallery. All in all, it was fun to hear why they wanted to see the show, and their thoughts about that era. This was a great period for me... then and the exhibit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last At Bats...Friday/Aug 13th/2010 Chicago's Gage Gallery

This exhibit was flawless from it's conception, and great opening. Plus the fine press coverage, with 3 fine reviews, and continuious press updates. I had the pleasure to meet old aquaintences, and make new friends. From former Cub player, who just walked in from the poster out in front, To the young man from Germany, and many residents at a near-northside Seniors building, where I live, Thank you... and friends of friends, from bygone era's. I discovered 2 people at the Opening I thought had passed away... were very much alive. I was informed, that a recent meeting of 9 University Presidents, who are openly gay. It was hosted by Charles Middleton, President of Chicago's Roosevelt University. One of their meetings took place in the same Gage gallery Room where my Exhibit "San Francisco in the 1970s" has been ongoing since June3rd. One time I came in, and there was an older lady, standing near the small video screen showing many of the real people depicted in the Milk Movie. I told her I was the photographer, and if she had any questions, that I would be happy to reply. She nodded and kept watching the
Milk Promo. After 10 minutes, I left with her still in front of the screen... however, I now believe she did not speak English, and just came in to dodge the 90+ heat outside in the air conditioned Gage gallery at 18 S. Michigan Ave.

Again, my thanks to RU Presedent Charles Middleton, and Director Michael Ensdorf, and the marketing staff at the Gage, especially Laura Janota. It has been a labor of Love,
Thank You,
Jerry Pritikin

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Efren Ramirez Images of the 1978 CSL Play-Offs

I have been aware of only one of these three images... on the day I pitched the Oil Can Harry's Oilers to a double header victory and the Championship. The one of me (#1) hoisted on the shoulders of 2 Vietnam Vets... Tony(#12), who searved in the infamous Gulf of Tonkin, and Hot Dog George(#7) the "Pete Rose" of our league, and a few of our Award winning Cheerleaders.

Then there's one of Big John Stout, a bay area fireman, hugging me shortly after the last out of our Championship Season.It was me who added John's, name to our roster at the last possible moment. He came on the recommandation of City Umpire Pat Gagin. I originally asked Gagin, who I knew from the various City leagues. He was committed to finish out the umpiring season ... so I asked him if he knew anyone... and it was John. His H.R. bat that had impact on our remaining games. My good friend Jay Platt aka as GOLDA ... who put most of the team together over a couple of seasons. There is Dan Wexler (mustache) with his wife back towards the camera. He was a neighbor that I recruited into our league. He played for many seasons.

Then there is someone who I almost don't remember... I had hair, and youthful looking for my 41 years. These photographs were taken by Efren Ramirez. He shot for various gay publications... and like myself... never made a living from it. However, Efren' image of Harvey Milk, was chosen last year to repesent 1 0f 60 gay "Icon's" at a well known London Portrate Gallery. Efren lives in Colorado , and his images have documented over 35 years of gay events, in various parts of the country.

I am now the catcher for the Bubbies Kosher Pickles Brine-Time Legends in the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association's new Senior's League. Back in 1979, I played on the first gay seniors team in the country... the Mgr. was the fabled Jack Irene Macgowen and one of my teammates was Dr.Tom Waddell, a former US Olympian runner and just years later created the Gay Games.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday Softball in the Summertime, and Miss Pretty Kitty and the close up.

The Bubbies Legends are now 2-2 for the season, and next week is a double header at Hollywood Park. I went 2-3, and once again was almost thrown out by the Right Fielder. It was a fun game. I got the best laugh from the visiting team... when one of their on deck batters, claimed that the batter had foul tiped a ball he clerly missed. I said that "sound" was my bones cracking
as I came out of my crouching position. I threw out one runer at first base and had a put out at home. Next week we play two games... and I just might bring a red bull... I had one that I received at the Taste of Chicago. I been saving it for just the right moment. I could not stop yawning on the way to the game. After the game I spent some quality time with Miss Pretty Kitty. And
captured a few shots of Miss Pretty Kitty at home.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the Bleacher Preacher (c) by Lee Balterman

Over the 25 years that I have known Lee Balterman, he has tageted me hundreds of times in the bleachers of the "Friendly Confines". Together with Carmella Hartigan... we were part of the lore of the fabled bleachers. Lee was there with his grandfather
for Gabby Hartnets "Homer in the Glomin"in 1938, and Carmella spent over 30 years since she retired at 70 years old from the Canteen Corporation. I was there on many historic occations, including Jackie Robinson's Chicago debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Back then it was truly our National pastime, because it was affordable, and enjoyable. I really do not miss going to Cubs games anymore... what I do missed is the comrade of the real fans... Today "real fans" are an endangered species!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carmella/Dutchie & Harry Carry/ Dave Kingman and The Bleacher Preacher

Here are a few images moments from the "Old Friendly Confines", before they had a sponsor. The first photo is that of Carmella Hartigan. She was to Wrigley, what Mrs. Miller was to the early "Tonight" Show. She once went on a streak of 7 Season's without missing a game. She took 2 buses, to get to the park, and most days I drove her home, after stopping at the Zyphr. I was introduced to her when she was in her 80s.... she became my sidekick for over 15 years. The late Stephanie Leather's, arranged for her to toss out the first ball prior to the Sept. 12th game. The week prior to her taking the mound, I took her over to Wells Park, and tought her how to pitch underhand. While practicing, a cub fan noticed us, came over and thought that Carmella was the Cubs next Rookie Pitcher. That game on Sept.12 WGN-TV opening shot of Carmella throwing out the pitch... A Strike! The phot was shot by Lee Balterman.

The second shot , at the same event... first waving to her friends in the Bleacher's,then throwing a strike, when Sammy Sosa, called her over, with a motion of his finger from her, towards himself. Carmella, wave her finger at Sammy, like a teacher a young student, to come over to her... and she won out! These images were taken by Lee Balterman. The 3 of us "Old-timers" were the Tinkers, To Ever's to Chance of Cubs baseball fans. Lee, spent many years shooting all kinds of sporting events for Sports Illustrated. Carmella and I were among the most noted "Bums" in the crowd.

#3, Dutchie and Harry Carry, spend a day in the Left Field Bleachers. Note Harry's Hawaiian Shirt. I gave Dutchie the Cub's Interstellar Propeller Beany Cap... and she wore it throughout the game. On several occasions I also put Beany's on Steve Stone, and Chip Carry, and again with Dutchie, when they graced the Left Field bleachers for a broadcast. .

#4,This was during Carmella's Centennial year, I made the sign for her... she was the true Matriarch, blessing kids, to me, in all my years as the"Bleacher Preacher",she was my favorite Cubs fan of all times! I was able to get her tickets, for the first night game and many more events, and post season games over 20 years. She was often sought out for print and broadcast media for her wit and charm. The Cubs finally gave her a "Free Pass" for her last season.

#5, My father was not a Dave Kingman fan... who he described as striking out when you needed him, and hitting Home Runs when the Cubs were leading most of the time. My dad became part of the Cubs lore, when he slipped into a coma for the last30 day's of his life. He was at the St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. He came out of the coma only once, when I was visiting him. His eye's opened and he took hold of my arm and directed me listen to him. And then uttered We gotta get rid of Kingman!"There is no doubt, that my Dad passed on his love of the game, to me and my brother Allen. The Kingman story opened up an article about Cubs fans. The following year, at a Cubs Charity softball game... I was able to get Kingman to sign my SI, and then former Cubs and media people played a slow-pitched celebrity game... and it drizzle for the later part of the game. On a 3-2 pitch with runners in scoring and winning position... Kingman struckout swinging... and I thought I heard my Dad say" He be shit!"

the Bleacher Preacher

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