Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy 420 Day (c) By Jerry Pritikin

Happy 420 Day, I did not smoke my first joint until my late 20s. I smoked with a future D.A. of San Francisco and several thousand of joints since... I bought my first 1 ounce lid for $7. at a tupperware-like party,however my favorite "WEED" story happened in the mid-1970s. Every summer I used to come back to Chicago, and my parents who lived in North Miami did too.We stayed at my sister's house in Morton Grove. We were sitting around the dinning room table and I took something out of my wallet and a joint fell out. My neice who was 13 years younger then me picked it up and waved it in front of my mother who was in her 70s. "Look what your son is smoking!" My mom came to my defense and said"Jerome does not smoke" and then looked at me and asked"Is that one of those funny cigarettes?" I nodded my head yes. Sadie then said she would like to try one! My sister Toby came running in from the kitchen and yelled" Your not turning Mom on!". I said she was old enough to make up her own mind and again I asked her if she wanted to try one and Sadie nodded yes. I explained to her how to inhale and hold her breath, then lit the joint with a match(plastic lighters were not available then). She took a couple of puffs... her eye's got a little glassy and she looked at me and asked "CAN YOU BUY THESE BY THE CARTON?"
      I rentend the house behind the peace sign for 6 years at $250.a mo. A few years ago it sold for $1,970,000.
                               Here's Sadie and myself about 17 years old. We lived on Miami Beach.1954
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