Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Years ago, there were so few places to find gay news. Few communities had gay newspapers, and if you read anything during the 1950s and 60s, chances are, it was about a local gay bar being raided. Seldom, did the wire services carry gay news. This was a time before the www. and instant news was transcribed via United Press International, and the Associated Press. There is a new play on Broadway called "PRIDE" taking place in England in 1958, about 2 guys discovering their introduction into a love that dare not speak its name. It was reviewed in the N.Y. Times, and I could not help thinking about myself at the same period in time, except for me it was taking place in Chicago. I posted my comments that follows...
February 17th, 2010 5:34 am
Gay, Then and Now-"PRIDE"

I lived "Pride" at the same time this play takes place... and at the time I called it Love! I was 21, and for the first time felt the slings and arrows, except, for us it took place in Chicago. I remember, thinking to myself, as we walked along Chicago's lakefront... Why can't we hold each others hand? Who are we hurting? There were so few pockets of friends... but I felt liberated, and thankfully recall my move to San Francisco in 1960, and discovering all the segments of gay life... "When then was Now!" Today, I see openly gay couples hold hands, march in Parades, and want the same rights that non-gays have, and hope that today's gay communities realize how far we have come, to be ourselves... one day at a time.

– jerry pritikin, chicago

This is my blog... and admit, that I do not keep up with it as often as most blogers. At 73... I have a habit of thinking a lot about the my choices that I made, and I have no regrets. This blog, in a way is similar to a short story I read in the late 1950's by Gore Vidal. It was called "Pages of a Abandon Journal". About someone who also made choices, that were unpredictable at the time they were made. I never thought much about the future more than 5 minutes in advance. I was lucky, even when I was unlucky... to be at the right time and place at the same time. I am not a story teller... however I have been blessed with great recall. I guess I was aided with the help of my camera as a companion. I managed to shoot at interesting times, that record where I been, and the changes taking place before my eyes and camera.

This coming June (For Pride Month) and July, I will be having my first gallery showing ever at Roosevelt University's Gage Gallery in Chicago. There will be over 40 photographs of the streets of San Francisco in the 1970's. Many have never been published, or seen since they first appeared in the window of Georgeanna's Bakery at 420 Castro Street... just a few yards away from today's Harvey Milk Plaza. As I get ready for my exhibit... I will start to reuse this blog as a journal... and share it with you. I would appreciate your comments.

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