Sunday, August 31, 2014

Playing with myselfies in PUBLIC!-(c) Jerry Pritikin

                       In front of Zimmerman's Wall Oak St. Beach,Chicago    (c)Jerry Pritikin
    Go ahead and bite me!   Again,Zimmerman's wall  Oak St. Beach-Chicago (c) Jerry Pritikin
 I often feel like I have eye's in back of my head- remember a great comic book story about that.
 A fine surprise at Oak St. from the Chicago Art Instatute. Kids Loved them-(c) Jerry Pritikin
                             Who's that in front of the Foster Grants-It's me! (c) jerry Pritikin
 I'm, excuse the expression-straight ahead in the green neon T-shirt- Gay Pride Parade-2014-Chicago
      For many years,this was my favorite place in San Francisco-Corona Heights aka Pritikin's Peak!
 Twin Peaks recently received Land Mark status. The first gay bar anywhere that you could see         into and out their big plate glass windows-1971. Selfie-2014
                     A state of mind and a near-north Chicago Street sign- (c) Jerry Pritikin

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chicago Air Show Moments 8/16/2014 (c) Jerry Pritikin

Air Show day- Kids enjoying a pair of feet at Oak St. Beach.(c) Jerry Pritikin
The crowd stretched from North Ave. Beach past Oak St.(c) Jerry Pritikin
I  got a kick out of these future cadets when they spoted my Intersteller Propellar Beany.(c) Jerry Pritikin

Then I think they might of believe me when I said I was their new Commanding Officer and responded.(c) Jerry Pritikin

I just wanted to see if you were paying attention... The sunday show was cancelled due to fog.(c) Jerry Pritikin.

I just wanted to post a few images from Chicago's Air Show,that was only for a day this year due to fog along the lake front all day Sunday.
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