Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Carter Curse and the End Ford Photograph (c) J Pritikin

Next to the End Ford Enlargement that Carter was to stand in front of

END FORD 1976 © J. Pritikin

I thought I had taken the Presidential campaign picture of 1976. You won't find this picture in any books or newspapers at the time it was taken, but not for the lack of trying. The life of the picture was limited too. Reagan was still in the race until Ford was nominated by the Republicans. The 2nd debate site was switched a couple of times before they decided on San Francisco. I was at the S.F.Democratic campaign office and there happened to be some Carter "advance men" making post plans to the October debate. They saw my photo and asked if a large 6 'x 8' be made in time for a post party after the debate at Brooks Hall in the Civic Center. I said I'm sure and then added "I can see Jimmy Carter, standing in front of it and saying to the San Francisco crowd... PRESIDENT FORD SAID RECENTLY THAT HIS FAVORITE TV SHOW WAS KOJACK, and then pointing to the picture...AND MINE IS THE STREET'S OF SAN FRANCISCO!" The next thing I know the advance men are talking on the phone to Atlanta and they said it was a "Go!" They were going to use my idea. A large black and white picture was made up and delivered to Brooks Hall on the afternoon of the debate. It was reported that tickets to the debate were almost impossible to get. I came up with a fund raising idea for the sponsors of the debate THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, and my price was a ticket. That's the good news...I made up a T-shirt, Jerry Pritikin's instant poll, for the 2nd Debate, and I was going to put a red X in the box for the winner Ford or Carter. If Ford had won the debate it would have been hard for me not to tell the truth, but he made it easier when he declared "Russia had no satellites in Eastern Europe". After the debate, I was shown putting my red X or the Carter side. There was no way I could get over to the Civic center to bask in my glory knowing that a future President not only held up my photo. but was going to stand in front of it and use my words too.
The bad news...a peon forgot to put the picture behind the podium where Carter was to utter my words...and I was told by those at the Civic Center that Carter came on the stage, looked around as if looking for something, took the podium and never mentioned "The Streets of San Francisco".
The one time the large Carter photo was used by the Democratic Victory party was the night of the November Presidential election. During the celebration, several college kids stole it. A couple of days later after seeing the news report on my missing picture, they called me to return it. Kron-TV was on hand showing me taking the picture out of a convertible and bringing it in to the house. We were interviewed. Just after it aired. my phone rang, a friend said he just saw the story on KRON and to tell me my fly was open!

The Romney/ Obama Debate tonight brought back memories of the Carter Curse* There a longer version that first appeared on the       

The original image

Chip Carter at Gay Memorial Day Trike Race... note the posters.

Letter from Amy

Letter From Jimmy
Amount paid to have made up.

 Program for 2nd Debate- I have the ticket packed away.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Season of Cheers,beers,tears and Wait Until Next Year!


I spent many days roaming in and around the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field in my 25 years as the Bleacher Preacher. However I spent many hours as a kid, cleaning the grandstands after a game and getting a free pass to the next game. My dad took my brother , myself and often kids from our neighborhood, Albany Park. I had the best respect for Andy Frain Ushers, the vendors and score card sellers,Red Hots were grilled just for you cost 15 cents. Ten cents got you a bag or roasted  P-nuts . We were there for Openers, Double Headers and Holidays and special promotions Days.  I was there when they gave a new car to 3rd baseman Stan Hack,#6. With my brother the day that Jackie Robinson made his debut at Wrigley, over 47,000 on hand and almost everyone bought their ticket on the day of the game... and it was paid in cash! 

In the past few seasons, I've been to a couple of games ... believe me it's not the same except for the Ivy and chances are they will be selling advertising on each leaf in a matter of time. I walked out of the game last year when  2 sets of complete around the park waves happened in the first 3 innings. And last moth My brother Allen and his girl friend Joanne, and Kari as guest of Ari Kaplan. I've met  Ari at a 1991 MLB Winter Meeting. We all wore beanys.

This week, the Cubs have made tickets available for about 88 cents. It's a great Day in Chicago... but when you are as old as I am... it's not a bargain! Sadly, the Cubs Promotion Department should of given them to their Season Ticket holders to give away. Those season ticket holders showing up for the last few games knowing they paid Face Price will be sitting next to someone who paid 88 cents. However, that will not include me. I may have thought about it for a millisecond. I remember the look on my brothers face when he told me how much he paid for a hot dog and small bottle of water.  Over the years I've gone to many closing day game. Many years there were only a handful of fans in those cheap seats... when you got change back from your buck.

I recall in 1985,I brought my tape recorder to mark the last rites of the season. For some reason there was a  chorus  of voices coming from the left field corner shouting "JERRY SUCKS!JERRY SUCKS!  and I have it on tape. I asked what that was all about... it seems that on the screen just below the scoreboard there was a banner message.... of Thanks from the Cubs to me. Thus Jerry Sucks!  Over the years, there are fewer fans from the 1940s like myself and with each year... a fewer "Die-Hards to die off!

In the 1950s, the Cubs were cellar dwellers when there were only 8 teams in each league. The cheap seats cost a half a buck. That was a bargain... However 88 cents to watch the Cubs play the Astros.... those clubs players should of pitched in and bought everybody in the ballpark a hot dog.

Just one more question ... sorry a senior moment just popped up... just like most of the Cubs players this year!
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