Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a minute... and stay longer... (c) Jerry Pritikin

(c) J Pritikin Entrance across from Washington Sq.Pk. S.F.-1977
I added a new image to the header, I was not sure if the last one scared some visitors, but too many only spent a second or few
and left the site.. I enjoy knowing that my stories and images are on the www. Some read a page or two... and many read lots of them. When I started out showing my images in a Castro Street bakery... just a few yards away from today's Harvey Milk Plaza in San Franciso. It was a popular bus and streetcar transfer spot... and I sold very few... but the fact is... I enjoyed so many people looking at my work(hobby). I also like knowing some people are enjoying them... HOWEVER, I HAVE A FAVOR TO ASK OF YOU.
There has been so few comments on my photos... and I would love to get you thoughts on any of my posted images or stories. I have helped some college students, infact a few from Germany... and I have had hits from throughout the world.

Please, take a stroll while you are here. Even mark it as a favorite... And do as I do... spend some time here every so often. And let me know what's on your mind in regards to these pages.
Thanks, Jerry
P.S. Omie is coming back,soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jack-POT Out of the Stone Age. (c)J.Pritikin

Idea for a story... Jack-POT!

How lucky I was to be in San Francisco at the times I was. I bought my first lid of Pot (ounce)for $7. at a Tupperware Party-like, on Russian Hill in San Francisco. I have many stories about what I call "My Stone-AGE!" since my first joint. I found myself taking pictures with a cheap Kodak Instamatic. Many of those following images were taken under the influence. For the first 1,000 times I've smoked... it was never by myself. For the past 20 years, I would say 99% of the time, it was by myself. In recent times, the cost of weed has gone beyond sky-HIGH! And for me, it took time to discover a source , So I am grounded most of the time. Several years ago, I began a habit , when ever I would get the pack of white zig-zags papers, I always bought a lotto ticket... so if I hit the Jack-Pot, I could say it was because, I was getting the cigarette papers...I could write a story, proving that smoking dope was good for you. But be that as it is... this ticket is not what I had in mind to write the story. You'll read about it here first, if that JACK-POT Lotto Ticket shows up in my hands.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marshall Field Clock and State Street (c) J Pritikin

The Marshall Field Clock is there in name only, now replaced by Macys. This recreation of the famous Saturday Evening Post Magazine Cover by Norman Rockwell, was from a few years ago. The image from beneath is to give you the feeling that your meeting someone there... that was a well known meeting place... under the Marshall Fields Clock at Randolph and State Street. I worked at Fields from May of 1955 to December of 1957. I have so many Fields Stories, that happened over 53 years ago.I have a few of my pay stubs... I was on straight 6% commission and often made $200. a day . I was going through a few photos and these popped up.

The best laid plans of boys...(c) J Pritikin

The image of the group of young men at Stinson Beach... in the mid-1970s, and the "Drags" in 1978, that I call "5" years later... of young men at Everett's Villiage Bar. Just my imagination that they are one in the same group.
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