Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a minute... and stay longer... (c) Jerry Pritikin

(c) J Pritikin Entrance across from Washington Sq.Pk. S.F.-1977
I added a new image to the header, I was not sure if the last one scared some visitors, but too many only spent a second or few
and left the site.. I enjoy knowing that my stories and images are on the www. Some read a page or two... and many read lots of them. When I started out showing my images in a Castro Street bakery... just a few yards away from today's Harvey Milk Plaza in San Franciso. It was a popular bus and streetcar transfer spot... and I sold very few... but the fact is... I enjoyed so many people looking at my work(hobby). I also like knowing some people are enjoying them... HOWEVER, I HAVE A FAVOR TO ASK OF YOU.
There has been so few comments on my photos... and I would love to get you thoughts on any of my posted images or stories. I have helped some college students, infact a few from Germany... and I have had hits from throughout the world.

Please, take a stroll while you are here. Even mark it as a favorite... And do as I do... spend some time here every so often. And let me know what's on your mind in regards to these pages.
Thanks, Jerry
P.S. Omie is coming back,soon!

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