Sunday, October 10, 2010

Running in Chicago's Marathon and Politics (c) J Pritikin

Rahm Emanuel (c) J Pritikin-2010

The leader's passing my 13th fl. window on Wells Street at 8:15 a.m. 10/10/10 (c)J.Pritikin

Fall colors and longer shadows, plus the runners in the Chicago Marathon... but the race I am
interested in, is the race for Chicago's next Mayor. When Rahm Emanuel was President Obama's Chef of Staff... he gave to the inner circle of his staff "Intersteller Propeller" Beany Caps with propellers. He gave those receiving them... the moniker "Propeller Heads"! Well I never ran in any marithon, and once in a while, I ran to catch a bus... however, I have been wearing an "Intersteller Propeller" Beany since 1981. It was when I was handling the public relations for the San Francisco production of the play, "Bleacher Bums". I thought there was a need for one of the cast of characters to wear a propeller beany, that would spin through out the play like the winds of Wrigley Field, the location of the set for the play. So I checked the Yellow Pages and found "Intersteller Propeller" listed out of Berkeley. The owner, a real character left over from the Haight Ashbury, named Stacy Samuels. I talked Lee Sankowich, the Director into the idea. The play, and my beany changed my life. I used to give celebrities beany's, then snap pictures of them. Back in the mid 1980's, when I became known as "The "Bleacher Preacher", my "Intersteller Propeller", along with my 10 Cub-Mandments, Lifesize Voodoo Doll, and Cub-Conversion's became a media hit. I switched to a solar powerd pith helmet with a propeller on it... and Stacy, rewarded me with a solid gold propeller to replace the plastic one. At that time the only other solid gold propeller, was given to Wavy Gravey.

So the Chicago Marathon for 2010 is now history... However, the race is on for the next Mayor of Chicago, and I'm tossing my "Intersteller Propeller" beany into the ring of Rahm Emanuel's supporters... for the next Mayor of Chicago. Last Thursday, I was at the Breaker's Senior Resident Apartment, because Rahm was speaking there. As he past me, he read my sign, and gave me a thumbs up! I am also supporting Mechele Smith, for the Alderman of the 43rd Ward. I am looking forward to having a great time getting involved in Chicago politics, again!

The first time was in 1948 when I was 11 years old. My future Brother in-law was supporting
Henry Wallace, the candidate of the Progressive Party for President. I attached a "WALLACE" sign to my back on Election Day, and as I walked next to the local polling place on N. Troy St. in Albany Park... a Chicago Cop ripped it off my back, because as he said" I was too close to the polling place!" The next time was in the late fifties, when I was made a Democratic Poll Judge for a day, by Patty Bauler, the famed Alderman of the 43rd Ward. He assigned me to 1550 Lake Shore Drive... a fashionable high rise on Chicago's Gold Coast. I did not have to work hard, because there were no Democrats living there! Well, in future postings, I'll write about my other adventures in Chicago, and San Francisco Politics ... until then Cheers!

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