Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 17th,1989 I left my dream in San Francisco! By Jerry Pritikin

SF Chronicle, Oct 18, 1987Cypress Structure, Oct 17, 1989Bay Bridge, 1989

Back on this date in 1989, I was in San Francisco. I had returned to the Bay Area, for the Cubs/Giants playoff games the week before. When the Cubs lost... I decided to spend more time visiting old friends,and stayed with my brother Neil,in Navato. I planned to return to Chicago on the 17th. On the Morning of that day, I awoke from a very weird dream. Usually I was able to self analize my own dreams... but this was different. While having breakfast, I told my brother about my dream... it was a kind of out-of-body type of dream, like I was witnessing a newsreel of an devastating event, from a helicopter. There were overturned cars, and trucks hanging over the sides of rooftops, with people dazed all about... and Neil said I should stop smoking weed before going to sleep! A couple of hours later, he drove me to the San Francisco airport, and I borded the airplane on my way back to Chicago. About an hour and a half later, the pilot made an announcement... that there was a major earthquake in San Francisco, and the Bay Bridge had collapsed. There were gasps, and then almost silence for the rest of the flight. When we landed, I ran to the nearest TV, and they were showing video of the earthquake... and one of the first scenes showed the collapsed of the Nimitz Highway... with smoking cars, and smahed trucks, and dazed people looking over from the top deck... and it looked like my dream, except it was not rooftops, but looked very similar. For the next several days, I tried contacting my brother, and when I finally got in touch with him... The first thing he said to me was "THE NEXT TIME YOU DREAM, DREAM ABOUT MONEY!

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