Monday, June 27, 2011

somewhere-under-the-rainbow-Chicago Pride-2011 (c) J Pritikin

#1, Gay Teachers of Chicagoland (c) J Pritikin

#2 Fellow Activist Natalie Kenvin Pride Parade 2011 (c) J Pritikin
#3, Somewhere Under the Rainbow... Chicago Gay Pride Parade (c) J Pritikin
#2, 1940s Bookie Joint
#1, Kevin on Halsted Street-2011 (c) J Pritikin

The Chicago's Pride Parade seemed almost endless. As usual for me, I photographed only a handful (figure of speech) of images. The music was loud, and creative floats were far and few in between. For me it seemed a review of many former Pride Day's. It was over crowded and a mixed bag of sideshows in and out of the parade. However, at least half of the crowd were non-gays, and the kids were having a good time. Here are a few reminders of the 2011 Chicago Gay Pride Parade. I have seen my fair share of Pride celebrations. I really never marched in them, and always liked the creativity in some of the marchers and organizations. This year, a great percentive of floats and flat bed trucks were vandelized, causing over $20,000. damage. The show went on. I really wanted to give Mayor Emanuel a Rainbow Intersteller Propeller Beany Cap, but he was not in my sight. I was invited by Alderman Michele Smith to march with her. I chosed to walk to the end of the parade route,and watch it from that vantage point. I had the usual "I like your hat!" comments, but not as many as I thought I might receive in such a large crowd. With New York now the 6th State to pass a Gay Marriage Law, and the large crowds at the various Pride Parades in America and over seas. I really get the feeling, that the tide of public opinion is changing, and for the good. If your not active in gay or human rights, this could be a good time to get involved. I 'm passing you the torch after 40 years.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I LOVE A GAY PARADE! (c) Jerry Pritikin 2011

American Style Gay Pride Parade Chicago-1998 (c) Jerry Pritikin
Halsted St. Fairy 2010 Chicago Pride Parade (c) Jerry Pritikin
Chicago Pride Parade 2009 (c) Jerry Pritikin
San Francisco Pride-Polk Street 1976 (c) Jerry Pritikin
Theatre of All Possibilities- Gay Rights S.F. 1977 (c) Jerry Pritikin

June PRIDE MONTH is busting OUT all-over in Gay Communities accross America and around the World! For me it began in the mid-1970s, in San Francisco and now here in Chicago. The early parades did not have coporate sponsors and had very few marching politicians. At first, the crowds were small, and with every passing year they grew larger and larger. Last year, one of the best things that I noticed was the large throngs of non-gay crowds taking part. Often with their young children waving RAINBOW FLAGS and wearing colorful beads.

Gay news is in the air... with New York on the verge of ratifying a gay marriage law. At the same time religious groups and many Republicans keep trying to deny gay citizens their equal rights. I have seen the progress made in Gay Rights first hand. It seemed to always be moving at a snail's pace. However looking back, we have come along way, and still have along way to go before we get Equal Rights as fellow Americans.

This is the time, to remember all those gay pioneers and non-gay friends, who marched and fought for our rights throughOUT our history here, there and everywhere.
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