Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Windy City Politics,One Down, One To Go!

Tonight, was like old times... I voted for the next Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel and my Choice for Alderman of the 43rd Ward, Michele Smith is in a run-off. Her margin over the runner-up was substantial. I'm proud that she used my picture in two of her brochures. Rahm, and I have something in common, we are both believers in "Interstellar Propeller" Beany Caps. I've been wearing mine since 1981, when I had one of the actors in the San Francisco production of the stage play "BLEACHER BUMS" who played the Cub Fan cheerleader wear one. I was doing the PR, and Special Promotions for the play... and began what is now my 30th year wearing one,too. However, when Rahm was named the Chief of Staff for President Obama... he gave all of the inner-circle of the White House Left Wing staff beany's, and called those wearing 'em "Propeller Heads". I plan to have one made up for him when he becomes the Mayor of Chicago on May 15th. It will have the Chicago Flag on it... and will embroidered "WINDY CITY PROPELLER HEAD #1".

Last year, Michele Smith ran in her first Chicago Marathon. I gave her a rainbow beany to wear for this year's marathon, and the gay Day Parade. In the meanwhile, I'll be working hard to get her elected in April. Ahhh, you can't beat fun like a good political campaign!

Social Security- God Loves US! (c) J Pritikin

As a liberal Democrat, I believe it's time for the labor unions, especially those that represent state and federal workers... it is time to rethink its agenda. There are certainly ways to giveback some of the perks, especially in these times.
Like getting a paid birthday, and paid holidays that are not solemn. However, if workers want to take those days off, let them do it without pay. Also, not allow workers to work more then a 40 hour week, or work overtime, unless in a national emergency. Any extra work available should be given to those not working, or working part time. Here in Chicago, I find it hard to support a police union, who defend dishonest cops, like the one who beat up a woman bar tender that was captured on video tape. Or teacher unions, who defend teachers that do not meet the standards to teach. That, being said... there is no excuse to disband unions that are needed, and serve both the workers and management that have collective bargaining. We are at trying times, and name calling or bullying tactics should never be used. Once and for all, lets take the union question out of the hands of politicians, and when possible use courts for solutions. Yet, when
the Supreme Court of our land allows corporations to buy candidates of their choosing... that seems to have made a level playing field hard to find. We need leaders who seek just answers, and not make threats to close down government. Especially, when so many people depend on Social Security Checks to pay their rents, and their bills. NOW IS THE TIME, FOR ALL GOOD MEN( AND WOMEN) TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY, AND THE WORKERS.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The More things change, the more etc!

In recent weeks, I have had good reasons to go back into my closet... and under my bed! I recently posted the need for a writer, on CRAIGSLIST to help me write stories behind some of my of my images, for a possible coffee table book. I had only one responce and his name is Liam. I just noticed he signed on as a follower of this blog. Writing is not my forte, however I have not only a treasure trove of images in my photo collection, but also remember interesting facts and stories behind my images. I may ask Liam to help me on this blog,too. This past week, I also met with Andrew, who is a documentary maker. He spent 8 hours in 2 shoots... and together we dwelled on my stories pertaining to quite few of my photographs, and the history leading upto and after the events that I took them. Getting ready for Liam, and Andrew was not easy. I have boxes of non-organized tidbits and memorabilia from the 1960s and '70s. To give you some idea of things to come on this blog, as well as in Andrew's "doc", I posted the clipping in a San Francisco gay newspaper from 1979, about Gay Marriage. Ironically, it was not the reason I kept it, it was the backside of one of my sports columns. Gay Marriage has been in the news for the past few years... however, most people are unaware that it has been in the news for so many years. As I have discovered, many gay issues that we take for granted today, or are fighting for today... have been around for quite a long time. Besides the issues, I have clippings that show hypocrisy within the gay press,too. I like to brag that I have been a one man army, and not because I like to work alone... So in the weeks and months to come, I will be posting interesting, and provocative subjects from my past, along with clips and images. Of course, if you have any questions or comments about this blog, or its contents... please take the time to ask.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eisenhower's Warnings... 50 years later!

I was always a news junkie, and politically active. President Eisenhower was not my choice for President, however, I was too young to vote back then in the 1950s. You had to be 21 years old to vote. I remember being mesmerized by Ike, when he introduced his TV series "CRUSADE of EUROPE". He was able to look into the TV camera, and speak for almost a half an hour,without looking at a script. I later found out that he was using a new TV tool, called a Tele-prompter! Once in a great while, Ike would make a profound statement that became memorable years later... and in some cases, as timely as if he made them today!

Like almost everybody, our eyes and ears have been focus with the events taking place in Egypt. It looks like the uprising of the Egyptian people, will cause the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak. So far, the violence has been limited, and hopefully stay that way. One of "Ike's" warnings comes to my mind. He said "THAT PEOPLE WANT PEACE SO BADLY, THAT GOVERNMENTS BETTER STEP ASIDE, TO LET THEM HAVE IT." Of course his best known Quote, was from his farewell address in 1961, that he warned us 50 years ago "TO BEWARE OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX". Sadly, our politicians, and Presidents that came after him, did not heed his warning. He also warned us, and often I think he was speaking to me, "THAT TAKING A POLITICAL STANCE FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD", WILL OPEN YOU UP TO BEING STONED FROM THE EXTREMES OF BOTH SIDES OF A POLITICAL ISSUE"! I often tried being neutral on political issues, and found IKE knew what he was talking about. My personal favorite Ike "QUOTE" came during the Presidential campaign of 1960. He was asked by a reporter, if his V.P. of 8 years, Richard Nixon had ever helped him to make a major decision in that time, and Ike replied "GIVE ME A WEEK, AND MAYBE I MIGHT THINK OF SOMETHING!" And the beat goes on...
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