Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Social Security- God Loves US! (c) J Pritikin

As a liberal Democrat, I believe it's time for the labor unions, especially those that represent state and federal workers... it is time to rethink its agenda. There are certainly ways to giveback some of the perks, especially in these times.
Like getting a paid birthday, and paid holidays that are not solemn. However, if workers want to take those days off, let them do it without pay. Also, not allow workers to work more then a 40 hour week, or work overtime, unless in a national emergency. Any extra work available should be given to those not working, or working part time. Here in Chicago, I find it hard to support a police union, who defend dishonest cops, like the one who beat up a woman bar tender that was captured on video tape. Or teacher unions, who defend teachers that do not meet the standards to teach. That, being said... there is no excuse to disband unions that are needed, and serve both the workers and management that have collective bargaining. We are at trying times, and name calling or bullying tactics should never be used. Once and for all, lets take the union question out of the hands of politicians, and when possible use courts for solutions. Yet, when
the Supreme Court of our land allows corporations to buy candidates of their choosing... that seems to have made a level playing field hard to find. We need leaders who seek just answers, and not make threats to close down government. Especially, when so many people depend on Social Security Checks to pay their rents, and their bills. NOW IS THE TIME, FOR ALL GOOD MEN( AND WOMEN) TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY, AND THE WORKERS.

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