Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Windy City Politics,One Down, One To Go!

Tonight, was like old times... I voted for the next Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel and my Choice for Alderman of the 43rd Ward, Michele Smith is in a run-off. Her margin over the runner-up was substantial. I'm proud that she used my picture in two of her brochures. Rahm, and I have something in common, we are both believers in "Interstellar Propeller" Beany Caps. I've been wearing mine since 1981, when I had one of the actors in the San Francisco production of the stage play "BLEACHER BUMS" who played the Cub Fan cheerleader wear one. I was doing the PR, and Special Promotions for the play... and began what is now my 30th year wearing one,too. However, when Rahm was named the Chief of Staff for President Obama... he gave all of the inner-circle of the White House Left Wing staff beany's, and called those wearing 'em "Propeller Heads". I plan to have one made up for him when he becomes the Mayor of Chicago on May 15th. It will have the Chicago Flag on it... and will embroidered "WINDY CITY PROPELLER HEAD #1".

Last year, Michele Smith ran in her first Chicago Marathon. I gave her a rainbow beany to wear for this year's marathon, and the gay Day Parade. In the meanwhile, I'll be working hard to get her elected in April. Ahhh, you can't beat fun like a good political campaign!

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