Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today was worth the battle for Equality By Jerry Pritikin/Chicago

                                                                             Just a proud American who happens to be gay!
                     This image was taken in 1977 at the S.F. Hay Pride Parade- I knew they had good parents.
 For Harvey Milk and all the pioneers in the the Gay Rights movement who never  stopped marching... it is NOW,more then ever on the road to equality.
 On the Day Harvey Milk was the Acting Mayor of San Francisco- 3/9/78 Photo credit:Dan Nicoletta
            My iconic image of Harvey Milk that has become a footnote in Gay History 6/7/77

             This is my Exhibit of my 40 years as a one man army in the front line of Social Justice!

Chicago 6/26/2013:  The news from the Supreme Court has brought all GLBT families closer to the fight for Equal Rights in America. It didn't happen over night and I want to thank all those courageous Draq Queens in San Francisco and Stonewall in New York who paved the way for us starting along time ago. Thanks to the Lawyers,politicians and pundits who helped all of us in our battle against ignorance and right wing bigots and closed minded religious leaders who tried to block us. Cheers and Tears for all of them past,present and in the future. Jerry Pritikin

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jerry Pritikin's SPIRIT of 76 Photo Exhibit for PRIDE MONTH at Chicago's Human Thread Gallery

That's a young me on th left and Nancy Pelosi and the Chairman Curtiss of the Democratic National Party1976. Photo Credit George T. Krause S.F.
This was the end of one great day of Adventure that started in Miami Beach stopped at the Everglade National Park and just in time to shot the sunset at Naples Florida.Thank you Richard!
I had sent advice to Amy who had a Lemond Ade Stand in Plains,Georga. This is her responce 

The story behind the message on this T-shirt is pure Mayor Moscone wit... it was taken at his offfice at S.F.City Hall.(c) Jerry Pritikin

Note the price of a dozen Donuts! (c) Jerry Pritikin...

Just this year,The Twin Peaks Bar at Market & Castro was declared S.F. Landmark Status and was the first Gay Bar in America who took off the paint from their plate glass windows that allowed people to look in or OUT in 1971


Last month a Columbia College Chines student(who happens to be straight) I knew informed me about a gallery looking for a GLBT Exhibit at the Bridgeport Art Center for June's Pride Month. It's a non-profit owned by a Japanese-American. The location of the exhibit is in the Bridgeport area of Chicago, known for being the home neighborhood of 2 former Chicago Mayors-the Daleys , as well as the home of the Chicago White Sox. And I happen to be a Jewish Openly gay man who was tabbed by Cubs Hall of Fame Announcer Harry Caray as the Teams #1 fan in 1987. He introduced me a few years earlier as a guest on his 10th Inning Show as John Q. Public,the Fan!  I roamed the Friendly Confines for over 25 years and became part of the lore of the fans in the cheap seats... however there are no more cheap seats in the bleachers.

What is interesting, where as most Cubs fans who do remember me, are not aware I was gay or a known photographer in San Francisco between the early 60s until the late 80s. There will be all kinds of images at the Human Thread Gallery on the 5th floor. Attached is a taste of what to expect- The Exhibit runs from June 17- until July 8th. Tell you friends...
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