Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Anniversaries (c) Jerry Pritikin

I'm just over a month away from my 77th birthday. If I don't look into a mirror, I can often forget how old I really am. However, I know I do not need a mirror to remind me that I'm getting older because, the ass I never had is sagging and the dust in my apartment accumulates faster then I can keep up to clean up.   For me, it's the fifty-first anniversary of my meeting the # 2nd of my 3 lovers. It was on our first anniversary that JFK was killed. 

I have not watched any of the JFK 50th Anniversary shows. There's nothing there that I have not seen before. No sense wondering what if, because we will never know. This month also marks another Anniversary of the killing of Mayor George Moscone and Gay Icon Harvey Milk. I knew them as friends,they fall into that "what if ?"category,too.
This is the lessor of my known images of Harvey Milk taken on Orange Tuesday 6/7/77... However what I love about it is MILK forever NOW! (c) Jerry Pritikin 

With Harvey Milk on the day he was the acting Mayor of San Francisco 3/9/78 Photo:Danny Nicoletta

With my friend Mayor Moscone,  Opening Day of the 1978 Gay Community Softball League.
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