Saturday, January 21, 2012

Extra! Extra! The True Story behind the expose!

There was a time, that I could tell you the story behind all my photographs... and what I was thinking at the time I took them. Thankfully, I may not bat a thousand... however one picture is worth a thousand words. The greater percentage of my photos are not set up or staged. Those are the ones I prefer. Some of the stories behind each picture might seemed to be embellished . I wish I could be so clever. A few moments ago, I was going through some old boxes of clippings and papers. I had to chuckle because forgot about the story behind this clipping. It's a "Would you believe" story.

Several weeks after this incident mentioned in the attached Examiner articleI, I was invited to a Knob-Hill party of a jeweler friend of mine. There were about 50 guest in a great apartment with spectacular Bay views. As I mingled, A dark haired guy introduced himself, then asked what I did for a living. When I responded that I was a photographer, he declared he had to stay away from people like me, because some photographer took a picture of him washing his car in Golden Gate Park! At that point, I said "Would you believe?"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exhiled out of the 43rd Ward by:Jerry Pritikin

Part of the group of Seniors from the Maple Pointe Apartments who worked hard to get Michele Smith elected, and asked nothing in return.

A few weeks after Michele was sworn into Office, she gave a party for her volunteers and supporters.Seeing Andy Shaw there was like adding iceing on a cake. He has been the voice of reason, and for change in Chicago Politics as Usual! But it lasted just a short time for us in the 51st Precinct.

About a year ago, I got involved in Chicago Politics... because the 43rd ward had a chance for change. On this web site I wrote about events pertaining to this Ward. About a year ago, Michele Smith, the candidate I supported won as Alderman, and Rahm Emanuel received overwhelming results throughout Chicagoland to become the Mayor. It felt good for a change being part of the winning side.

A couple of weeks ago, because of the 10 year census, the 43rd Ward had to be remapped. At no time on the maps that were available, did they consider that the # 51st precenct remain in the 43rd. It was a done deal before we ever heard about it.
We will be part of the 27th Ward. I now think of myself as a man without representation.

Subject: Re: Lincoln Park Saved in Remap
Date: January 19, 2012 12:21:16 PM CST


Your letter overlooks the fact, we never heard you... fight for our 51 precinct to remain in the 43 rd ward. It's a very small section, but when you live there... news like this is Chicago Politics as usual. It hurts, because we fought and provided much of the needed votes that helped to win your election. Many of us did not give time to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's campaign, but had the opportunity to contribute to his Victory by voting for change. I'm sorry, but I feel short changed. I'm looking forward to help re-elect President Obama, but not going back into the 27th Ward. I never considered myself a Lincoln Parker. But a 100 % 43rd Ward resident. You could of brought this to our attention sooner, without us learning about it from a Press Release in a local newspaper. I don't always support a winner, and never felt sorry about working for a cause, win or lose. However, I now consider myself like a man without a country. Your letter states you will offer your help for those of us leaving your ward. I hope I never have the need. It's been fun while it lasted... but as Yogi said... it's over when it's over. IT"S OVER!


Lincoln Park Restored
Dear Friends,

Your hard work to save Lincoln Park has been successful. Just minutes ago, I, along with a majority of the City Council, voted to pass an amended Map For A Better Chicago that keeps Lincoln Park largely intact.

This Could Not Have Been Accomplished Without You

Your letters, phone calls, and e-mails showed City Council and the Mayor how much your community means to you. Your attendance at hearings throughout the City, most notably last week at DePaul when over 650 of you made your voices heard, showed the City how serious you were about being included in the remap process. The leadership demonstrated by our neighborhood community groups and former 43rd Ward aldermen formed a critical part of our mobilization efforts.

As you can see from the map below, Lincoln Park, instead of being cut up into five wards as proposed by the original Map For A Better Chicago, now remains almost entirely in the 43rd Ward.

The current plan for the 43rd Ward

Without your hard work, our community would have been divided into fragments that do not reflect traditional neighborhood boundaries. In the original proposal, almost half of Lincoln Park would have been excised from the 43rd Ward.

The original "Map for a Better Chicago" plan for the 43rd Ward

I would like to thank my colleagues in City Council who listened to our residents and helped restore our Ward - particularly 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno, 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, and 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack. I was privileged to work with the Latino Caucus, under the leadership of Alderman Danny Solis, and City Council leaders Rules Committee Chairman Richard Mell and Alderman Pat O'Connor in forging a City-wide compromise.

Unfortunately, we were unable to save the entire Ward and we are forced to say goodbye to some old friends. I am happy to announce, however, that almost all former 43rd Ward residents will now be in the new 2nd Ward and served by Alderman Bob Fioretti. Alderman Fioretti is a fine alderman with a strong reputation for serving constituents.

For all of our residents: the new map will NOT take effect for some time - six months to a year at the soonest. There will be plenty of time for a smooth transition and I remain pledged to supporting all 43rd Ward residents, current and future, whenever they need my help.

I am proud to be a member of this community and grateful to be your Alderman.


Michele Smith
43rd Ward Alderman
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When Then Was... Now!: There used to be a Ballpark : By Jerry Pritikin the Bleacher Preacher

When Then Was... Now!: There used to be a Ballpark : By Jerry Pritikin the Bleacher Preacher:

There used to be a Ballpark : By Jerry Pritikin the Bleacher Preacher

When I was a kid,and you paid 10 cents for a bag of P-nuts... the vender told you a story and made us laugh. (c) J Pritikin

The old marquee, I remember when it was green in the 1940s.

Bill Veeck, boycotted Wrigley for all but 2 games in 1985. This is the last picture taken of him in the bleachers (c) J Pritikin

My side-kick and good friend Carmella. She had great Chicago stories to be told. Our old seats have been replaced by the Bud-Lite Bleachers. Took 2 buses to and from the park and once went 7 years without missing a game. (c) J Pritikin

I have been going to Wrigley Field since the summer of 1945, when my dad gave me a crash course in baseball 101 and Cubs history. He was my Baseball Rabbi. Then took me to my first game... and I have been back to the Friendly Confines over a thousand times since. In the late 40s, I often worked after a game to help clean the grandstands and received a free pass to the next game. In 1945, there were only 8 teams in each league. Post season play consisted only of the World Series. Baseball was the official language around the Pritikin kitchen table between my dad Hank, older brother Allen and myself. When the Cubs clinched the N.L. Pennant, I asked my dad to take me to the World Series. He felt I was too young at 8 years old. He made me a Promise, he would take me the next time.

Since then I have seen all of changes in and around the ballpark and on the field. Yet for many generations the Ball Park never seemed to change until new traditions were changing at a faster pace. I always felt young in Wrigley. Traditions stop and start almost at the same time. The faces in the stands, the voices on the mic, and the players on the field always changing at a snails pace.

However, it was when Wrigley sold the ball club, lock,stock and Ivy to the Tribune Company. The new owners had a catchy little slogan"Building a New Tradition" and forgot to tell the fans it came at the expense of many old traditions. First to go, the Andy Frain Ushers,selling tickets in February. Building Sky boxes that eliminated much of the grandstand fans view... and they had to watch tv sets to see what happened. Advertising signs in the Friendly Confines were popping up more then the Cubs players! Then the lights, the family section, the forest in center field... and of course,the scorecard going from 50 cents to 75 cents and 2 to 3 pages... the extra page was all advertisements. The cheap seats became the hip place to be and each year they kept raising the price of of a ticket, the beer and the eats. My dad always talked about his good old days, and always comparing teams of his era with that of mine or my brother.
I remember when the Trib raised the price of their evening paper from 2 to 3 cents, and he yelled "it's not worth 2 cents NOW!"

The changes in the bleachers really hurt mostly the old fans... who remember when the Cubs Radio announcer (before TV) would repeat often "Wrigley Field, The most beautiful ball park in the world!" For me it was the Grand Canyon of Baseball. I have sat in various areas of the old bleachers over time, but it was the time my good friend Carmella and we sat at the top row of the LCF Bleachers. From there, we could see most of the visible changes... The Holy Grail has become the Bud-lite Bleachers. Beers are now $7.00, I remember when they were a quarter and came in glass bottles. And 50 cents got us in the bleachers, and those seats are now $48. for either an adult or kid!

When I am walking near the ballpark on a day of a game... the rustic feeling of Old Wrigley is completely gone, the Grand Canyon of Baseball has been replaced by a Giant Cash Register.
The roof tops look like the tops rows of the Big-Top at a circus. Most of the friends and old neighborhood that helped Wrigley to become known as the "Friendly Confines"... are gone.
I do not go to games anymore... I have been priced out of the ballpark at face value of a ticket. So how do I feel about the new right field signage and make-over. FRANKLY, I do not care!
Every so often, when I am in Wrigleyville... I hear a voice in my head... it's Frank Sinatra. And he singing... "There used to be a ballpark" except this time it's Wrigley.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lee Balterman shoots Jerry Pritikin and Vice Versa

Lee stops for a thought and a pose.

Lee Balterman first digital image after over a million frames on film and slides. Photo Credit: Lee Balterman

Smile Pritikin! My image of Lee

Lee shots Jerry ...

Last Thanksgiving, I had diner with Lee Balterman. And it became the duel of the film or digital image. Lee Balterman who spent most of his 91 years behind a camera. With many years as a photographer for Time/ Life, Sports Illustrated and Forbes. I was able to get Lee to take my photo, using my Canon digital. With out question... Lee has taken well over a milllion frames on film or slides... and this was his first digital moment. Happy New Year...
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