Saturday, January 21, 2012

Extra! Extra! The True Story behind the expose!

There was a time, that I could tell you the story behind all my photographs... and what I was thinking at the time I took them. Thankfully, I may not bat a thousand... however one picture is worth a thousand words. The greater percentage of my photos are not set up or staged. Those are the ones I prefer. Some of the stories behind each picture might seemed to be embellished . I wish I could be so clever. A few moments ago, I was going through some old boxes of clippings and papers. I had to chuckle because forgot about the story behind this clipping. It's a "Would you believe" story.

Several weeks after this incident mentioned in the attached Examiner articleI, I was invited to a Knob-Hill party of a jeweler friend of mine. There were about 50 guest in a great apartment with spectacular Bay views. As I mingled, A dark haired guy introduced himself, then asked what I did for a living. When I responded that I was a photographer, he declared he had to stay away from people like me, because some photographer took a picture of him washing his car in Golden Gate Park! At that point, I said "Would you believe?"

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