Friday, April 19, 2013

CASEY NOW ROCKING FOR KARRMA! By Uncle Omie/Jerry Pritikin

There was a time when I thought my nephew's son would make a living from baseball. At 4 he could hit him self a pop up with a whiffelball, drop the bat and catch the ball.  He was born on a Cubs Opener and with a name like "Casey", and a father for a baseball guru, it look like he was on the way... when he was 5, in his grandparents backyard, broke a 2nd story window hitting a whiffle-ball and everyone cheered him as if he hit a homer. I returned from the baseball winter meetings and had a few new items,one being a magazine about baseball. I was sitting in living room chair reading it. He was looking over my shoulder when I challenge him to a guess"Who is it?" Quiz.  I turned to the old timers section and pointed a finger at a jovial rotund figure with his foot on the running board of an old Ford, and in black and white. And he said The Babe!
Then there was a sketch of a current  player and again Casey did not hesitate before stating Nolan Ryan.  It went that way until we got to the back inside page and he was stumped... But you know what I was so proud of him, because it was color ad for Kellogs, and it was their Cartoon of TONY the Tiger!

He has played ball at many levels at High School, College and various leagues and many Throphys to show for it, however he made a career change... for Music. Casey Manheim is part of a band called KARRMA and they have played well many well known music halls...
If he plays music half a good as he played baseball... he just might be in the right spot at the right time. I do know one thing... I have absolutely no musical talent, even with a tissue and a comb or Kazoo. My mother in a fun way would tell me when I was singing the latest from "Bandstand"... She would say " You have a Voice.... for peddeling fish!   She was right!
    This is Casey's KARRMA Band-mates and that's Casey under the "MA"
                                          UnKnown Tony, Casey's Little league Card.
"EARS" Manheim With future Hall of Famer Andre Dawson at Fenway Park

On the evening I was entertaining at a Kane County Cougar Game. Casey came to cheer me on!
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