Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last At Bats...Friday/Aug 13th/2010 Chicago's Gage Gallery

This exhibit was flawless from it's conception, and great opening. Plus the fine press coverage, with 3 fine reviews, and continuious press updates. I had the pleasure to meet old aquaintences, and make new friends. From former Cub player, who just walked in from the poster out in front, To the young man from Germany, and many residents at a near-northside Seniors building, where I live, Thank you... and friends of friends, from bygone era's. I discovered 2 people at the Opening I thought had passed away... were very much alive. I was informed, that a recent meeting of 9 University Presidents, who are openly gay. It was hosted by Charles Middleton, President of Chicago's Roosevelt University. One of their meetings took place in the same Gage gallery Room where my Exhibit "San Francisco in the 1970s" has been ongoing since June3rd. One time I came in, and there was an older lady, standing near the small video screen showing many of the real people depicted in the Milk Movie. I told her I was the photographer, and if she had any questions, that I would be happy to reply. She nodded and kept watching the
Milk Promo. After 10 minutes, I left with her still in front of the screen... however, I now believe she did not speak English, and just came in to dodge the 90+ heat outside in the air conditioned Gage gallery at 18 S. Michigan Ave.

Again, my thanks to RU Presedent Charles Middleton, and Director Michael Ensdorf, and the marketing staff at the Gage, especially Laura Janota. It has been a labor of Love,
Thank You,
Jerry Pritikin

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