Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the Bleacher Preacher (c) by Lee Balterman

Over the 25 years that I have known Lee Balterman, he has tageted me hundreds of times in the bleachers of the "Friendly Confines". Together with Carmella Hartigan... we were part of the lore of the fabled bleachers. Lee was there with his grandfather
for Gabby Hartnets "Homer in the Glomin"in 1938, and Carmella spent over 30 years since she retired at 70 years old from the Canteen Corporation. I was there on many historic occations, including Jackie Robinson's Chicago debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Back then it was truly our National pastime, because it was affordable, and enjoyable. I really do not miss going to Cubs games anymore... what I do missed is the comrade of the real fans... Today "real fans" are an endangered species!

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