Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday Softball in the Summertime, and Miss Pretty Kitty and the close up.

The Bubbies Legends are now 2-2 for the season, and next week is a double header at Hollywood Park. I went 2-3, and once again was almost thrown out by the Right Fielder. It was a fun game. I got the best laugh from the visiting team... when one of their on deck batters, claimed that the batter had foul tiped a ball he clerly missed. I said that "sound" was my bones cracking
as I came out of my crouching position. I threw out one runer at first base and had a put out at home. Next week we play two games... and I just might bring a red bull... I had one that I received at the Taste of Chicago. I been saving it for just the right moment. I could not stop yawning on the way to the game. After the game I spent some quality time with Miss Pretty Kitty. And
captured a few shots of Miss Pretty Kitty at home.

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