Sunday, August 8, 2010

Efren Ramirez Images of the 1978 CSL Play-Offs

I have been aware of only one of these three images... on the day I pitched the Oil Can Harry's Oilers to a double header victory and the Championship. The one of me (#1) hoisted on the shoulders of 2 Vietnam Vets... Tony(#12), who searved in the infamous Gulf of Tonkin, and Hot Dog George(#7) the "Pete Rose" of our league, and a few of our Award winning Cheerleaders.

Then there's one of Big John Stout, a bay area fireman, hugging me shortly after the last out of our Championship Season.It was me who added John's, name to our roster at the last possible moment. He came on the recommandation of City Umpire Pat Gagin. I originally asked Gagin, who I knew from the various City leagues. He was committed to finish out the umpiring season ... so I asked him if he knew anyone... and it was John. His H.R. bat that had impact on our remaining games. My good friend Jay Platt aka as GOLDA ... who put most of the team together over a couple of seasons. There is Dan Wexler (mustache) with his wife back towards the camera. He was a neighbor that I recruited into our league. He played for many seasons.

Then there is someone who I almost don't remember... I had hair, and youthful looking for my 41 years. These photographs were taken by Efren Ramirez. He shot for various gay publications... and like myself... never made a living from it. However, Efren' image of Harvey Milk, was chosen last year to repesent 1 0f 60 gay "Icon's" at a well known London Portrate Gallery. Efren lives in Colorado , and his images have documented over 35 years of gay events, in various parts of the country.

I am now the catcher for the Bubbies Kosher Pickles Brine-Time Legends in the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association's new Senior's League. Back in 1979, I played on the first gay seniors team in the country... the Mgr. was the fabled Jack Irene Macgowen and one of my teammates was Dr.Tom Waddell, a former US Olympian runner and just years later created the Gay Games.

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