Saturday, June 5, 2010

32 years later, I admit I shot him,and had the pics to prove it!

I enjoyed the other night's Opening at Roosevelt University's Gage Gallery. At least 150 people came to the Exhibit. It's alway good to hear nice things, and it went that way for 3 hours. However, for me the highlight of the evening,happened when a nice looking young man, pulled out a couple of photographs, and said I shot him 32 years ago! I admit I did not recognize him, but once he told me his name... I instantly recreate a couple of well spent weeks, that started in Chicago and ended 2 weeks later in San Francisco.It was in 1978. That was a magic year for me.

I enjoyed meeting someone OUT of my past... that is still alive! There were 2 other guys at the Opening, that I thought were dead, showed up for the Opening. Here are the images that "Mike" gave to me... The shot with all the buildings in the background was taken from "Pritikin's Peak", however on the map it is called "Corona Heights". The other is taken under the Golden Gate Bridge. He promises to show more images that I took soon. Now that's a switch... Someone showing me, my pictures!

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