Tuesday, June 15, 2010

David in Chicago Flag Day 6/14/10 (c) J Pritikin

This is one of those "Best made plans of Mice and Men"... except there were no plans, and the results could not of been better, if we had. I was at the Gallery, to meet with the President of Roosevelt University. It was he who helped to make my exhibit at the Gage Gallery happened. He was unable to come to the Opening on the 3rd, so I offered him a tour of my exhibit when he was available. It turned out to be on June 14th, Flag Day. I arrived a little early... and while waiting for him, into the Gallery came a tourist named David. I found out that when I asked him how he had heard of the exhibit. David, said he picked up a Gage Gallery
postcard at the Chicago Cultural Center... a few blocks north on Michigan Avenue. I have to admit when I recommended that the Gallery put cards there... I told him I expected someone, and if he would like... I would give him a quick downtown tour of Chicago when I was finished. When Charles Middleton arrived, I excused myself for the next 45 minutes. David and I began making like a tourist. We covered a lot of ground... and I talked him into taking a Brown line "el" to the end of the line and back. We wound up at my place, then we walked over to the lake front... it was cool and overcast... but it made for some interesting images. We walked up to North Avenue Beach. We then went to a pizzia place, and enjoyed a thin pizza. He returned to my place... to interview me for a school project. we watched the sun come out of the fog, before it turned dark. This day made me feel like a day out of my past in San Francisco. Many of times, I manged to have memorable moments... without any plans... and this was my latest... and the first in many years.

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