Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lee Balterman Celebrates Opening at Daiter's Gallery and 90th Birthday

It was magic, seeing Lee, so rediant and greeting so many long time friends for his Opening Night, at Chicago's Daiter Gallery.
Lee was overwhelmed by a gift he received from Mayor Richard J. Daley. Lee, was almost in tears hearing the words that the Mayor had sent Lee. Balterman will be 90, on July 6, was facing the cameras for a change. Lee's fans and friends were listening to some of his great one liners. "He could of been a big leager, if for not one thing... he had no talent!" When it comes to talent with a camera... Lee, has over 50 years shooting events, found in history books and publications like Sports Illustrated, Time/ Life, Forbes Magazine, and the N.Y.Times. and celebities like Mohamad Ali, Presidents Truman and Nixon, Ernie Banks, Carmella Hatigan and the Bleacher Preacher. Lee was a fixture on Rush Street, at Comiskey and the Friendly Confines and Stadiums.

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