Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another "Quick" Year...Photos (c) J Pritikin

Over the years, I have photographed many Gay Pride Parades. However, in recent years, I have not taken as many images. Last year I only took about 10 shots... however one of them turned "OUT" to be make a lasting impression that had an impact on my life ! It was the group from Roosevelt University, and they were holding signs. Included in this group, was the President of Roosevelt University, Charles Middelton, and he proudly proclaimed that he was gay, as well as the other's did too, as they marched in the 2009 Chicago Pride Parade. About a week after the Parade, I looked up Roosevelt's web-site, and sent Mr. Middleton a jpg, and asked if they had any plans for this year's Pride Month at the University. I suggested if they did not, I would like to recommend an exhibit of my photographs, and included a few of my (jpgs) of San Francisco during the 1970's. A short time later... I received an E-mail from President Middleton, saying that they were very interested and they would contact me. What I did not realize then, was that Roosevelt owned Gage Gallery... and had the following listed on their site...

The mission of the Gage Gallery at Roosevelt University is to show
work that is consonant with the mission of the University and its
ideals of social justice and to serve the educational and academic goals
of the University.

The Gage Gallery was founded in 2001, shortly after Roosevelt
University's expansion into the historic Gage building on Michigan
Avenue. Situated directly across the street from Chicago's Millennium
Park, the gallery has exhibited nationally and internationally known
photographers and artists, and has hosted numerous public lectures,
panel discussions and symposia. The gallery is committed to showing
contemporary work that addresses the important social issues of our time.

The Gage Gallery is affiliated with, and supported by the College of
Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University.

At the beginning of this year, I was contacted by Michael Ensdorf, the founder and Director of the Gage gallery,and he put into motion my exhibit "SAN FRANCISCO IN THE 1970s" that opened on June 3rd for PRIDE MONTH, and will run until August 13th.
I am extremely proud, especially with the Gage Gallery's MISSION STATEMENT, to have this exhibit, and for the large crowd that came to the Opening, and for the nice reviews that I have had since then. I would like to invite all of you in the Chicagoland to come on down... and if you see some old guy with a digital camera, and Rainbow colored beany with a propeller on it... please say hello... That's me! I WANT TO THANK PRESIDENT CHARLES MIDDLETON, AND MICHAEL ENSDORF FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY... to exhibit my photographs, as well as all those good people behind the scenes for doing a great job of making the exhibit a reality.
Jerry Pritikin

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