Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 Great Photographers and Friends LEE BALTERMAN & ISHIMOTO.

Ishimoto at a Chicago Street Fair... Photo by his friend and fellow Photographer (c) Lee Balterman

Lee Balterman always talked well of his friend and fellow photographer Ishimoto. I was not aware until today that he had passed away the month before. He always sent Lee his new books, or signed prints. Both Balterman and Ishimoto have been represented for years at Chicago's S. Daiter Gallery. I am sure Lee was not aware of his friends death. A few months ago Lee gave me a box with a mix of used frames. A few weeks later, I broke a glass, and looked if there were any the same size in the box. I found a couple with prints still in the frames. When I took them out of the frames, I found a messages to Lee from Ishimoto, and both were signed, with one having a imprinted seal. I brought them back to Lee. Over the years Lee has given me many photographs , a great mix of his images and
some of me, Today I realize that Lee had given me a print of Ishimoto... taken by Lee at a Chicago Street Fair. This morning I read about Ishimoto's death in Japan last month.

Here is a Link about Ishimoto's Death.

It would be great if Daiter Gallery have a 2 man SHOW ... Lee and Ishimoto.

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