Sunday, March 18, 2012

Balterman to Hartigan to Pritikin = A team for the ages...

Lee Balterman with Jerome Holtzman near the Bagel (c) J. Pritikin
Lee Balterman shoots the "Bleacher Preacher" in the old bleachers.
Carmella Hartigan, her smile was brighter then all of Wrigley's Lights! Photo(c) Lee balterman
Lee shoots Jerry & Carmella (c)Lee Balterman
In the Bleachers with a warning at the time they raised the cheap-seats from$4. to 6 bucks.
Today they are about $46. for a kid or an adult. photo(c) Lee Balterman

These past few days had me thinking of a few of my good buddies. Lee Balterman, a well know Chicagoan and photographer. His credits are legendary and found on the pages of Time/Life and Sports Illustrated and Black Star. For many of the 25 years that I roamed the fabled bleachers, many of them where with Lee and Carmella Hartigan. Carmella lit up the bleachers before there were lights. We sat together in the left centerfield stands and became fixtures. She once had a span of 7 seasons not missing a Cubs home game and taking 2 buses to the ballpark and again going home. Carmella was well known. She died at 101 in 2002.

Lee was 91. I learned alot about life and Chicago, through Carmella's stories and Lee's non stop images for the past 60 years. I'm just posting these images... and you'll understand why I never had time for work when I could have so much fun with these guys in the bleachers,on Rush Street or having a hot-fudge sundae at the old Zephyr.

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