Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shalom Lee Balterman,Always a good guy! (c) J.Pritikin

Lee, With Paul from Daiter Gallery and myself in the middle.

A recent photo of Lee (c) J Pritikin

Lee and his favorite pastime, behind his Leica camera (c)J Pritikin

Chicago:March 10th,2012

Today, I spent a few moments with my friend Lee, he had slipped into a coma and now it's just a matter of hours. As I stated on my blog, how I met Lee shortly after the final out of the 1984 Cubs/Padres Play-Offs. Since that time... we shared many hours at Cubs games,bringing in a few New Years and shared quality time, and we always talked about the future. His life was a labor of love and his stories endless until now. In my many years roaming the "Friendly Confines"of Wrigley Field, I had the pleasure of meeting a multitude of interesting fans, and looking back... Lee and Carmella Hartigan were the best of my friends that I ever knew. We always had fun, often stopping at the old Zephyr after a game... or taking long rides along the lake up to Highland Park or going out to the Arboretum, or to visit our old neighborhoods. We were the Tinkers,to Evers to Chance "Combo of friends". I liked the story he always told someone he just met... That he could of been a Major League ballplayer, except for one thing... he had no talent! However, he had great talent as a photographer spending over 50 years as a Time-Life,Sports Illustrated,Forbes and freelance photographer... and a few Life Magazine covers too boot! He loved Chicago, his parents, his friends and being behind his camera. He was well represented by Daiter Gallery. I am so lucky to have known him since 1984. He would of celebrated his 92 Birthday in July.


LaurieASK said...

I write a blog for ASPP the American Society of Picture Professionals and I knew him and his work from marilyn Gartman Agency when I first started in the photo research biz. Loved his work it respresented the people of chicago neighborhoods

Jerry Pritikin said...

And the world. Lee had many interesting collections fro Mexico, and Euroupe. I was lucky to have known the man behind the images. He, like his images were always timely and timeless. He was a 0ne-of-a-kind.

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