Monday, September 10, 2012

Chicago's Teachers on STRIKE (c) J.Pritikin

The entrance to Walter Payton H.S. Just 12 years old and constantly winning Awards for it's "Excellence" in so many departments.
Today's media and police setting up Picket Lines.
Directly across the street is Salazar Public School, built about 1900, and a special ed program for latin speaking children.
Hoping for a quick settlement that's fair with both sides making some concessions.

Chicago,September 10th,2012.

I reside overlooking 2 Chicago public schools. One from thr begining of the 2oth Century, The Salazar, a multy-lingo Special Spanish educating school and Walter Payton College Prep High School. Just 12 years old and already has the best Award winning standards.

As for the teachers, I understand why they are walking the picket line. However, like all public employed Union workers, there is the need for those contract workers who do not perform to strict code of standards can have their contracts terminated. At the same time, those who excel those standards as well as all qualified teachers must have their grievances addressed, and corrected as soon as possible.

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