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Beany Power brings Cubs victory over Giants 8/31/12 (c) J.Pritikin

That's me giving Jack Brickhouse a Hey! Hey! Award from the cast of Bleacher Bums...and the second went to Hank Sauer,former Cubs slugger off to the right.

Cast of Bleacher Bums, Pete Meade just above the girl with the pennant. In the dark sweater is Mike Krukow who is now the Giants announcer in San Franciso.
My brother Allen, his girlfriend Joanne Ari Kaplan of the Cubs and Kari Gianni

That's me on the end... photo by Ari Kaplin
Joanne and Allen, they been a 2-some for a couple of years.

Allen and his expensive hot-dog.

Chicago: I can not recall seeing so many Giant fans here for a regular game. A gentleman stopped me and asked me if I was"Me" and then he mentioned his name... and I could not recall who he was. He mentioned he was part of a "Bleacher Bums" tie-in promotion involving the Cubs and the S.F. production of the stage play. Of course after he left, I realized who he was and made the mistake of
gaging him on his today's looks. I was amazed at his memory of the event that happened at Candlestick Park on September 5th,1981. "Bleacher Bums Sunday"

I was disappointed by the loud music and that of the organist that drowned out any conversations between innings in the bleachers. For years, the outfield speakers never worked and it was a welcome hush in the crowd, in the fabled cheap seats, were we made our own noise, and didn't need any flashing lighted sign on the scoreboard telling us to make noise! I am happy to note that there were no around the park "Waves", however a college crowd from Iowa tried several times to start the dreaded wave, but failed getting anyone else involved. Almost all the regulars were not there. It's quite
expensive for a single game.

My brother was shell shocked for what it cost him for a hot-dog and a small bottle of water. Over $13.00. Soda pops $5. Parking in and around the ball park goes between $30. & $50. During the week!

I was there with him, his girlfriend Joann and Kari Giannini. Most of the crowd were from Iowa or were Giants fans. I did pick on the Giant's center fielder. On 2 occasions my HEY ANGEL!, THIS BALL IS GOING OVER YOUR HEAD... JUST LIKE SESAME STREET! and twice Cubs hitters obliged... one of the homers went over the left fielder's head into the bleachers.

At the end of the game, there was a "W" flying from atop the Scoreboard.

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