Friday, September 28, 2012

C.David Kulman aka David the Match-Mater has past away.

                                 With Phil Donohue on his segment of the ToDAY SHOW.
                            Announcement in the Alternate Magazine OUT of San Francisco.
                                      In his original office on Polk Street in the early 1970s.
                                                         Oy! Do I have a man for you!!!

See my original post in my archives... A San Francisco Original  C.David Kulman.
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I just received the attached message from the publisher of the Presidio Sentinel informing me that my good friend aka David the Matchmater has passed away.    I'll miss him, his N.Y. Yenta Jewish accent and treasure trove of stories about his journey. When I first met him, he was advertising in gay publications. He had a previous publicist  that had little success. His was not a franchise concept and pre-computer age. He kept his clients information on a 3x5 or 5x7 card. A Polaroid picture No credit cards and mostly cash. His clients came from all kinds of backgrounds and he matched them, often on the first date. He was a gay Molly Goldberg /yenta the match maker/ and Doli Levi. 

He almost talked me into moving down there and lived in a nice Seniors building. We always talked to each a couple of times a month. I am also attaching a story that I posted on this blog earlier. We broke some barriers together that are noted in the attachment. He confessed that the time I was his publicist, his business hit $60,000. a year and he had me at basement bargain prices! I had nothing but fun knowing David... truly another New Yorker who made good in San Francisco.

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Hi Jerry,

Our dear friend passed away this past month.We will have an article on David in the October issue.  We will miss his humor, love for trivia, and all that he shared with the world. 


Patty Ducey-Brooks

Publisher & Executive Editor
Presidio Sentinel
P: 619-296-8731
F: 619-295-1138
C: 619-481-9817

Serving San Diego for over Thirteen Years.

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I have been a friend of David for over 40 years. About a month and 
half ago, I was able to call him at his apartment. He had returned 
from the hospital and was in good spirits. However for the past month 
I have been leaving messages for David at his 619 542 1312 number, 
then that number was no longer taking messages. Now it has been 
Thankfully, I have not found any Obit for him... however I thought you 
might know where David might be? I wanted to wish him a Happy New Year.

I would appreciate if you could let me know one way or another.

Jerry Pritikin  / Chicago 312

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Unknown said...

I was introduced to my partner lover husband through David. We were, we are, a matchmaker success story, together 22 years! We are sorry we can't let David know how thankful we are to have met him and his hairless cats resulting in the love of our lives. God bless you David. Bob Wyka and Peter Christian Marina del Rey, CA.

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