Monday, June 25, 2012

A WIN! WIN! Day at the 2012 Chicago Pride Parade for Pride & Cubs! (c) J.Pritikin

Cubs Pride Brigade at the 2012 Pride Parade. (c) J.Pritikin
Two brothers and Cub's Sticker uppers! (c) J. Pritikin
Part owner of the Chicago Cubs and GLBT Activist Laura Ricketts and the rainbow movement moment . (c) J Pritikin

Responding to my beany! (c) J.Pritikin
WIN !WIN! Gay Pride/Cubs/ (c) J. Pritikin

If you ask, you will receive according to the old adage. I must admit that I have a good batting average for making things happen, especially when it concerns The Cubs, Gay Pride and the "Bleacher Preacher" side of the Triple Play. I have witnessed many Pride Parades, early in San Francisco and now in my hometown of Chicago. I really never marched in them, however on the sidelines I found many "photoglyphic moments". This year, I sent an email asking the Cubs if I could ride on their Trolley for the Pride Parade. Last year they had a float and Cubs legendary old time Cub Great Ernie Banks gracing the gay Chicago Event of the Year.

I did not plan any signs or notify any media what I was doing. Starting Saturday, at the Halsted Street- pre parade party I managed to get some timely images... to add to my collections of yesteryear's gay events and early gay pride parades. My request was granted. No pre-made signs and just my trade mark RAINBOW Interstellar Propeller beany cap. I had a couple extra in case I ran into Mayor Emanuel or famed Chicagoans. I arrived early, however the Cubs Trolley had a late start. Took a few shots along the Montrose St. staging area. The music was extremely loud, making any attempt for conversation a lost cause. Once the Cubs White and Blue Trolley Car took our place in the Parades Route line... I met some very lovable Cubs Pride Workers. The Trolley was not designed for Parades with seats on the inside facing each other instead of OUT at the crowd. Many in our brigade marched in front of the Trolley with Rainbow Flags and the Old faithful "W" Flag. Usually seen after a Cubs home- win flying from the Center-field scoreboard. The Trolley kept playing Steve Goodman's Hey! Chicago, What do you say? At first, I lipped sync and after a short distance was singing OUT LOUD, something that I do not even do in the shower! I hammed it up for the photographers that lined the paraderoute.

I had the opportunity to talk with Laura Ricketts, one of the Cubs owners and great spokesperson for the GLBT community. In late August, the Cubs will celebrate another "Out in the Ball Park" Game, however this year it's in the bleachers. Several times when Harry Caray broadcasted from the Bleachers... I appeared on his 10th Inning show. Once Harry introduced me as John, Q. Public- The Fan!

Bill Gubrud is the promoter for the OUT @ the Ballpark,and I asked him to get me involved. Yesterday I had a great time from beginning to the end of the parade. I loved the interactive play along the route with so many people having very good times. I managed to take some photos from before we started and then there after. I LOVED IT... It felt like a Jodi Davis Homer to knock the Mets out of the 1984 pennant chase.

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