Saturday, June 9, 2012


Chicago: I have been wearing my Interstellar Propeller Beany Caps since 1981 when I first met Stacy Samules. Stacy created them during the late 1960s and since then has sold over a million of them. In '81, I was hired to do special promotions and publicity for the stage play "BLEACHER BUMS"in San Francisco. It was a 9 inning comedy about the Chicago Cubs instead of a 3-act play. Ever since I was a kid, the winds of Chicago always added to the adventure of a Cubs baseball game, depending if they were blowing in or out. I was hired by Director Lee Sankowich to do special promotions and publicity for the play. I discovered Stacy's product in the Yellow Pages of a telephone book. I thought a beany cap would capture the "Winds of Wrigley" for the actor playing the important part as the CHEERLEADER in the cheap seats of the Friendly Confines. Little did I know then that I would seldom leave home without mine. People will cross the street just to tell me "I LIKE YOUR HAT!" I kid you not, I hear that over 25 times a day, and even more when I walk along the beach or take in an art fair. There is an old expression that art imitates life. For me it has been just the opposite! The play was suppose to be a 6 week run that ran for over a year. I earned the moniker as the Bay Area Resident Cubs fan. That's when I started to wear my "beany". When the run of the play ended, I continued doing Chicago Tie-in promotions whenever the Cubs or Bears were in San Francisco. I evolved into a special-one-of-kind-fan that became a legendary figure at Wrigley Field. Beginning in 1984 I have been known as the "Bleacher Preacher". Like the Johnny Appleseed of Beany Caps, I've been helping Stacy spread the "Beany Revelution" here,there and everywhere. Lately it's been on the beaches of Chicago or the Summer Season's Art Fairs.

The other day, I was able to get the 3 young guys in the attached photos to join the BEANY REVOLUTION at Oak Street Beach. Their life will change, and they will bring smiles wherever they go... and they will constantly be hearing I LIKE YOUR HAT! And that's a never ending source of smiles for anyone wearing an Interstellar Propellar Beany Cap.

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