Saturday, July 2, 2011

My corner in Chicago over the years. (c) J Pritiikin

This is from July 1,2011 Just before a rain storm. (c) J. Pritikin
This is about 1996, when I first moved in, notice the space in the center of the photograph. (c) J.Pritikin
Just one of the perks when you live on the 13th Fl. The hard rains keep them clean too.(c) J.Pritikin

October's Chicago Marathon passes my window every year. (c) J.Pritikin
I just found this image (2nd from top)of a time before Walter Payton Prep High School) and other buildings that appear on my daily sky-box horizon windows. I am amazed at the amount of buildings that seem to have been growing right in front of my view. At the very beginning, I could see planes taking off at Mid-way Airport at night. Now the old CHA projects are gone.
This spring, we had too many gray days. When the sun did showup, it came with out warmpth.

Back in the late 1980s, I had an apartment at 2 East Oak on the 36th Floor. When I first moved in, I could look downState Street and see the Landmarked Chicago Theater Marquee. Within a short time a new building 2 blocks away, blocked the view. You might like to look my other images on Flickr. I have posted many imaged from this vantage point, among others. Cheers, J.

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