Friday, July 15, 2011

Marilyn Monroe finds a home in the Windy City. By (c) Jerry Pritikin

Marilyn Monroe is back in form! Located just north of the Michigan Ave. bridge and The Tribune Tower. In the few days that it's
been in that perfect location, it is a Chicago landmark. To do a study of this iconic memory, I guess you would have to come very early so people will not in the background of a picture. It's going to be here until next winter... and that should provide a
treasure trove of images, along with the Bean, Nathan Hale,Water Tower and Oak Street Beach this year. I was here when the Hola-Hoop and Frisbee made it's debut and was noted in Life Magazine. I was also here the day the Queen Elizabeth entourage
past in an open car in 1959. I was the only one who did not rush to the fense to see her. I could of had a field day if I was a crook. Everyone left their valuables on their beach blankets. I did get a glimpse. I believe she was here in town for the Opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. There was a International Trade Show at Navy Pier. And the beat went on...

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