Tuesday, November 6, 2012

YES VIRGINIA(and the other 49 States) There is a Santa Claus!

YES VIRGINIA(and the other 49States) I believe in Santa Claus. I admit I was scared going into tonight. America had a choice... to go FORWARD with President Obama, or go backwards with Mitt Romney, and his band of Billionairs and Millionairs who thought they could buy the Presidentcy, and make 2nd class citizens out of the 47 % of people of color,gay and the disenfranchised working class,unions and middleclass Americans.

The Republicants again thought they could fool us... but even with all their money and big business... they were wrong again. President Obama, thankfuly in the next 4 years will be choosing several more Supreme Court Justices. Not the kind that allow money be their guide. As an openly gay person, I am proud of President Obama and the Democratic Party for being inclusive for all Americans, rather then like the GOP-heads that is the party who are exclusive to only their kind.

Thank you President Clinton, and all those volunteers who fought against the odds, and sometimes the media for scaring us in beliving that Mitt Romney could fool us into surrender. WE DID IT WITH THE TRUTH AND HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW, TOMORROW AND TOMORROW!

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