Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Friends Harvey Milk & George Moscone (c) Jerry Pritikin

November 27,2012:

Today is another Anniversary of the assassinations of my friends,Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone in San Francisco back in 1978. I had the pleasure of knowing them and so many of the "Pioneers" of the early Gay Rights Movement and being a part of it myself. I am constantly reminded just how far that movement has come over that time. It came at a snails pace but never retreating. The movie "Milk" has helped the movement most in this the early stages of the 21st Centeury. It introduced Harvey (and George) and that era in Gay Rights to millions of people, young and old, gay and straight, here in America and around the world. The advent of the www. has made it easy to find out about our hero's as well as our enemies at the various stages along the way. I'm proud of my contributions via my photography and speaking OUT when ever I can, via this blog,Letters to the Editors and exhibits,documentaries and books happening in my lifetime.

The best is yet to come until the day all gays have Equal Rights! Please ask me if you have any questions, or comments on this post or all the rest found on my blog. May this Holiday Season bring Peace to you, your families,friends and most of all... to the World!

        Photo Credit:Danny Nicoletta-1978 The day Harvey was the Acting Mayor of San Francisco.

(c) Jerry Pritikin

Jerry Pritikin / Chicago

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