Thursday, December 29, 2011

When Yesteryears New Years seemed a million Light-Years Away By Jerry Pritikin

Sadie,Rolla Wainer,Omie,Allen-1945

Hank The Chicago Tomato King-1947

Similar to the Sales Books for 1945

Hank Pritikin with Morrie Wainer on Chicago's South Water Market St. Produce Market (first row-Far Right-1942)

Sadie & Henry Pritikin-1940

End of the 2011 year thoughts... and a few of yesteryear's New Years. The New Year Eve I found most profound, was 1944 turning into 1945. We lived on the first floor on N.Troy Street in a red brick duplex. My Dad's business partner Morrie Wainer, and his family lived on the 2nd floor. We planed to bring in the New Year by hitting the tops of my mom's pots and pans at the sound of the nearby factory whistle blowing exactly at mid-night to cue us when to make noise at New Year. My parents were getting ready to leave, my Dad Hank , was looking good in a suit and tie, and my mom Sadie was decked out in a fine dress made with sequins.

My Dad gave us a few of the business cash receipts books, with 1 original and a Yellow & Pink page less the carbon papers... and told us to make some confetti out of them by tearing them into little pieces. It was 2 weeks before my 8th birthday. Just after Guy Lombardo's and his Royal Canadians live radio feed out of NYC at 11 P.M. Chicago time... we all started to make our own pile of confetti. I happened to look down at the imprinted original and noticed My dad's South Water Street Produce Market business name, a Haymarket Telephone number, and where the date was printed 194_ and you filled in the last digit. I remember thinking to myself, that these books will never never be out of date . The 1950s seemed a million light years away.... as did the 60s,70s,80s,90s,2000s only now a day away from another year... this time 2012.

Happy New Year, Again!


Their twins, Roy and Rolla came down to our flat, and with my brother Allen, we all played games.

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