Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wave breaks heart of the Bleacher Preacher by(c) Jerry Pritikin

Fans in Left Field make last minute bets...

Looking from the Right-Field Corner out toward the Left Field Bleachers.


My Bleacher Preacher Drag came OUT of retirement, that's my batgirl Miss Pretty Kitty.

ALL PHOTOS (c) J Pritikin

I want ot thank Kevin Henry for giving me an extra ticket to today's game.I really thought there was going to be more hoop-la
prior to the game concerning PRIDE DAY, and this years Gay World Series Champions.

(CHICAGO Sept. 4th, 2011) Today marked my first game at Wrigley Field this season. The surrounding buildings look like seats at a Big Top with the sky as the tent. Advertising signs hits from all angles. The whole feeling that personified the everyday fan and gave Wrigley the moniker THE FRIENDLY CONFINES are 2 different things compared to the crowd at todays Cubs Game. The weather was near perfect and a nice breeze kept my propeller on top of my Intersteller Propellar Beany spinning in the Winds of Wrigley. I spoted just a few old timers I knew from my 25 years of roaming in and around the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. I could not hear the special pregame announcement that introduced this weekend's Gay World Series Winners that took place in Chicago.

The first Buc batter got a hit, and a short time later he scored putting the Pirates in the lead. Then, there was signs of a plague beginning in the Center Field Bleacher... it was the dreaded "WAVE". In my 25 years roaming that sacred ground I had never seen a completed wave accomplished. Usually good fans were able to prevail with the wave usually wimping out near where it began. I always warned thos fans they were threading on hallowed grounds, and warn them of my 8th Cub-mandment. "Thou Shalt not start or participate in the wave at Wrigley Field, or you will be Ex-Cub-Fan-Municated!" I consider that the most important of my 10 Cub-Fan-Mandments. Ironically. Today for the 2nd time in my adult life, I left the ballpark before the last man was out. In fact and by far it was the earliest after only 2 1/2 innings, because I witnessed 2 full around the ballpark WAVES. I have no respect for any ballpark that allows those things. I dared not photograph that baseball blasphemy. I just walked out and visited with a few ballhawks at the corner of Waveland and Kenmore... sommeday I hope that corner will be officially know in honor of people who are part of the Wrigley Folk lore, and to be called Ballhawk Drive and Carmella Way. Named after The Waveland Ave. Ballhawks and Carmella Hartigan

In January I'll hit 75, and that is not homers. Next week I will be playing in Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association's Senior Cup. I won the honor of being the oldest active player twice since 2000. I played on one championship team and looking forward to hanging up my spikes(as in baseball) after this weekend. Til then...
Cheers, Jerry

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