Sunday, May 1, 2011

MLB Suspension of Roger McDowell and his apology. By Jerry Pritikin


Well Major League Baseball has decided to suspend Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell, for 2 weeks for his inappropriate actions at Pac-Bell Park last week. I agree, especially there were some who felt Roger McDowell should of been fired. Chances are, I probably would of felt the same way based on the stories on the web and wire services. A few years back I took the time to write the Commissioner and several newspapers when Julian Tavarez of the Cubs, and John Rocker of the Braves made anti-gay remarks. However those guys had reputations as hot-heads and were bigoted. I did not know those ballplayers, but I have known Roger McDowell since 1984. Without a doubt, I knew him to be a fan favorite with every team he pitched for, and now as a pitching coach. I am glad this one moment out of a ditinguished career did not cost him his job. I was going to write McDowell to join me in the Bleachers for Chicago's Windy City Gay Newspaper special "Out at the Ballpark" game. I guess he'll have better things to do. I am attaching an artical in Sports Illustrated from 1987. It gives you an idea as to why I liked Roger. Thankfully, I hope people refrain from heckling him because of this one time event. In fact, MLB should make sure all teams do a better job at preventing fans from making obscene or anti-gay remarks aimed at ballplayers. And once a fan has been warned, they should be banned from the ballpark if they continue to do so.

October 12, 1987


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