Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bleacher Preacher's salute to Harry Caray (c) Jerry Pritikin

Just a typical summer's day and that "Voice" saying "Let Me Hear ya! A ONE, A TWO,
Photo By Lee Balterman, and my message of the day.

                                         With Harry Caray on his 10th Inning Show-1985
                                         Dutchie and Harry in the Bleachers (c) Jerry Pritikin
 When Harry sang TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME he always had a chorus Fans along with him.
 This was just a few moments before the Cubs Bus was taking the team to O'Hara and on to San Diego-  and one game away from the World Series-1984
 When Harry sat in the Center Field Bleachers he had request for autographs and Blessings!
Harry @ the Bat for a cause.

I was pitching a new gay sports magazine,and wrote about my times in the Gay Softball League,I'm wearing a Bubbies Kosher Pickles T-shirt A Legend in its own brine! On top of my solar powered Pith 
Helmet,a solid gold propeller!

Lee Balterman always enjoyed shooting the Preacher,he was the photographer of credit for a Day's Inn Ad in the Cubs 1989-90 Yearbooks.

Chicago: February 28,2013.  Tonight at Navy Pier the Bar with Harry Caray's name is saluting Harry's 99th Birthday.  I thought about going and I decided I rather stay home and pay homage myself.  It's hard for me to forget 25 years of roaming the Friendly Confines of Chicago's Wrigley Field. There has been many changes since Harry was traded to the St. Peter's All-Stars. I was one lucky baseball fan.

Once in a while, I got paid... but mostly not. The cost of a cheap seat has dramatically changed the complextion of the everyday fan... there are none! I really do not miss it... The ballpark no longer looks like the one my dad introduced me to back in 1945. For many years I equated my youth with them becaused they hardly changed in the first 40 years. But once the Cubs became owned by the Tribune Company,all that changed.  And now the new owners has left little of ballpark I was weaned on.  I have lost interest.  For years I was convinced my father's promise made to me in 1945 when I was 8 years old, was going to eventually happen.  I asked him to take me to the 1945 Cubs World Series, he felt I was too young and made me a PROMISE... he would take me the next time!  Over the years, I and the Cubs came close to it... but be that as it was... it never happened.  I believe that I have a Moses complex. I maybe able to see The Promised Land one day... but I'll never
get it to the PROMISED LAND.  However, Harry made it fun to be a Cubs Fan along the way!

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Edgar Lenze said...

Happy Birthday Harry Caray! Ask the heavenly powers above to lend the Cubs a hand to make it back again to the promised land. Holy Cow!

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