Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's a fact, it happened... and this being the day after the shortest day... means that the days are getting longer....again!
I assume, these are students of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. This happens to be the softball field of Walter Payton Prep High School on N.Wells at Oak Street. This was taken from the 13th floor. I've been here for 15 years, and my view is constantly changing, with the weather and new buildings among the old on my horizon. This is just one that I enjoyed finding, and glad I had my camera handy. That's problem. It's camera worthy everyday... living on the 13 th floor gives me an out of body like feeling often.

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This October article from the Financial Times, "How Annie got shot" by John Gapper, is not only about Annie Leibovitz, but about the market value of work by star photographers, and may interest you if you haven't already seen it:


In trying to attract some sort of fresh audience and recognition for your work, a good approach would be to continue building your Flickr photostream, which I found through a search engine since I didn't notice an obvious direct link from your blog. Consider turning on the "Request to License" option in your account, and assigning a Creative Commons license such as "Attribution-NonCommercial" to your photos.

You might also upload something to replace the default Flickr profile image to make your account seem less "fresh off the boat," create more photo sets to collect/organize/spotlight your archival images and keep seeking out photo groups to participate in. Wish you luck!

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