Friday, July 24, 2009

My new pal...

Introducing Miss Pretty Kitty...
Assistant managing editor of this blog... She's a perfect 10! She is also the proof reader and excellent roommate.


Greg Welikson said...


I am humbled that someone who was a friend of Harvey Milk and many others from the movie enjoyed reading my blog. Thanks for the positive words! I checked out your blog and really enjoyed it, and will certainly continue reading. It was amazing to see all great photographs you took capturing the era.

The LGBT class I took had a profound effect on me. The class showed me all the progress that has been made in the LGBT movements fight for equal rights, but also opened up my eyes to all the discrimination towards LGBT individuals that still occurs, and all the hard work neccasary (by LGBT and also heterosexual folks) to achieve equal rights for LGBT people going forward .

Please continue to read my blog, as I will have several other posts regarding my journey of becoming a "comfortable and knowleagable heterosexual individual interacting with the LGBT community." I consider myself a a proud advocate for the LGBT community.

MadeMark said...

Welcome to Miss Pretty Kitty. My partner and I have four (I had two and he had three when we met; the ancient one has since gone to cat heaven (there is no cat hell)). They're great company. But cleaning litter for four of them is a daily chore. Congratulations on your new roommate. - Mark

Kyle said...

Jerry, I'm sure Miss Pretty Kitty helps with lots of things around the house. Our little guy George is always trying to be helpful.

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