Monday, April 13, 2009

coming soon...

to Scot's Bar in Chicago: A show of photographs by Jerry Pritikin

The show will be opening in May 2009 (check here for exact date to be announced)

Before the World Wide Web... I first exposed my photographic journal via the windows
of Gerogianna's Bakery at 420 Castro Street... just a few steps away from today's Harvey Milk Plaza.
This image is from the Bi-Centennial year-1976

(c) Jerry Pritikin

Recently, the mother of the girl holding the doll wearing an Areatha Franklin-like hat... contacted me, and asked if I remembered the day.... I spent with her family in Golden Gate Park. She was a fan of the window and asked me to shoot her kids! And, it turned out as a good day for all of us, in Golden Gate Park. The story of the Shoot is coming soon on this site.

Sara McAlister-1976 (c) Jerry Pritikin

THANKS TO SCOT'S BAR ... a neighborhood tavern, ... like Archey Bunker's place, except it's in Chicago... and it's a gay! I am putting together Images from the bakery shop window, and the stories behind them. Plus several photos of events portrayed in Gus Van Sant's "MILK" movie... however they are the real thing... taken at the time the events took place, and are not a recreations. Plus images from San Francisco early gay politics and sports, and the nation's first gay organized Softball League. Their managers, and the players and thousands of fans and my moments playing and pitching for a Championship team... tell of a rich era in sportsmanship and legendary characters...

Hope you plan to visit... in person.

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