Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations! Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter for the film Milk, and now the recipient of the Academy Award for that screenplay,
and to Sean Penn, whose brilliant portrayal of Harvey Milk was rewarded with his own Oscar as well...

The film re-introduced Harvey Milk and that era in gay rights to millions of people, of all ages, gay and straight... here in America and around the world... making this movie a winner, with or without winning any Oscars!

Following are two emails (each with an attached photo) I sent to Dustin Lance Black, the first after his nomination, and the second one just last evening after he won the Oscar.

To: dustin
Subject: MOZEL TOV!
Attachments: There is 1 attachment


Thanks for introducing Harvey Milk to millions of people of all ages, here and around the world via your magic pen. Over the years... I have been a one man army... fighting for all kinds of rights, especially gay rights. We still have a long way to go...
but we are heading in the right direction.

Again, Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
Jerry Pritikin

To: dustin

Subject: God Love US!
Attachments: There is 1 attachment

Just moments ago... I was inspired by your acceptance of the Oscar... and had to send you an image from the 1977 S.F. Gay Day Parade...
Note the Social Security on the building seems to run into the sign 'GOD LOVES US'...
and I am sure he agreed with you... as I do... he does!
Thanks for being so young... and so gifted, so you can fill the future with inspirational... and hopefully humorous words,too.

Cheers and Love,
Jerry Pritikin

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